McCurdy: Master of Mathematics

Congratulations to FDTC member Matt McCurdy on earning a Masters in Applied & Computational Mathematics from Florida State University! We wish both him & Lauren the best of luck as they continue on their educational journey toward doctor-hood!  

MUST Listen #BetterThanS***Town

Check out FDTC’s favorite podcast hosted by decathlete extraordinaire Tom FitzSimons as he interviews the venerable Martin Bingisser:

McCurdy Takes All The Cookies

FDTC congratulates athlete Matt McCurdy on winning The Run for the Cookies 5K in Tallahassee this morning! The superb Mr. Herb Willis summarizes McCurdy’s performance as follows: “The fastest seeker of sweets was Matt McCurdy who won the race in 16:27.” Results & Article by Herb Willis

Golden Moment

FDTC founder & president, Emily Niehaus, ran into THE Reese Hoffa today. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to chat about Olympic medals over a turkey-leg or two since Hoffa was coaching a talented up-and-coming female shot-putter. Madame President Niehaus settled for the photo below & a raincheck.  

McCurdy: Master of Mud

Last weekend Matt “Willow” McCurdy  master of the elements traversed the mud infested GWTC 15K course in FDTC record time (results). His second place performance at a time of 55:34 was icing on the cake as this race was merely preparation for the Tallahassee Half-Marathon on Feb 5th. McCurdy had the following to say: “With rain…

Pataky FTW & FDTC Turkey Trot

While most were sleeping on Thanksgiving morning, Victor Pataky toured the cloudy Columbus 5-mile Turkey Trot course in 24:59.2 (results), barely dipping under 5:00 per mile average. Second place in the race was more than a minute and a half behind him. Pataky’s impressive race was his first since the Bourbon Chase in October.   (Photo courtesy of Victor Pataky)…


Originally posted on Toni Reavis:
War is hell is a cliche as old as conflict itself. Yet counter intuitive as it may seem veterans of war in some ways yearn for the battleground setting. Not because they enjoyed getting shot at or shooting at other people. Instead it is the camaraderie, the brother/sisterhood, the all-in-it-together,…

Performance & The Unknown

“Never compare your performance directly to another human being, as you have no idea how good they could be or how much better you can be!” ~Al Oerter, 4x Olympic Champion 

A Golden Surprise

FDTC member Emily Niehaus received some snail-mail from Olympic Gold Medalist & current American Discus Record Holder Stephanie Trafton. Stephanie was gracious enough to personalize the gift with a note that included the following: Enjoy throwing for as long as you can. Some solid advice for any one competing or rather for any one who’s…