MUST Listen #BetterThanS***Town

Check out FDTC’s favorite podcast hosted by decathlete extraordinaire Tom FitzSimons as he interviews the venerable Martin Bingisser:


Originally posted on Toni Reavis:
War is hell is a cliche as old as conflict itself. Yet counter intuitive as it may seem veterans of war in some ways yearn for the battleground setting. Not because they enjoyed getting shot at or shooting at other people. Instead it is the camaraderie, the brother/sisterhood, the all-in-it-together,…

I Choose You . . . Gorlok!

Please join us in congratulating Nick “Shorty” Niehaus on his new job: Assistant Cross Country & Track and Field Coach at Webster University! Nick joins Webster Head Coach, Dan Graber. Graber coached at Centre College from 2008-2013. Although always a Colonel at heart, we wish him the best with his adventures as a Gorlok!  …