McCurdy: Master of Mud

Last weekend Matt “Willow” McCurdy  master of the elements traversed the mud infested GWTC 15K course in FDTC record time (results). His second place performance at a time of 55:34 was icing on the cake as this race was merely preparation for the Tallahassee Half-Marathon on Feb 5tmm1h.

McCurdy had the following to say: “With rain the day and night before [the 15K], the race wasn’t really a dry run for the half-marathon like I intended it to be. The clay roads were turned into a course more suited for a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Race. I’m not a fan of those ‘races’ like John Kieffer is, so I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be running on mud for more than 5 miles of a 15K. While my time was nowhere near my goal time, I’m still confident that I’m in great shape for road races, especially the half after I taper some.”

Fortius Duckface Throws Club wishes our M&M best of luck on February 5th!


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