Thursday Thought

God’s purposes come about through millions of unnamed people doing unheard-of things, in unnoticeable ways to the glory of God. If this is true, it fills every little moment of every ordinary day with glorious purpose. Amazing. A post shared by Ray Ortlund (@rayortlund) on Jul 13, 2016 at 1:12pm PDT


Originally posted on Toni Reavis:
War is hell is a cliche as old as conflict itself. Yet counter intuitive as it may seem veterans of war in some ways yearn for the battleground setting. Not because they enjoyed getting shot at or shooting at other people. Instead it is the camaraderie, the brother/sisterhood, the all-in-it-together,…

Pataky Heads to USA Championships

Good luck to our newest FDTC family member, Victor Pataky, as he takes on the USATF Mountain Running Championships in New Hampshire on Sunday July 3rd. Loon Mountain Race Info 2015 Results